2020 Central Bicycle Studio Winter Series

Yeeha, Lockdown is over and we can finally get out to play. In recognition of hitting Level 1 we are fast tracking the first race of the 2020 Central Bicycle Studio Winter Series with another 4 rounds following from July to September to complete the series.

To help manage registrations at each round we are providing the opportunity for club members (or members of other MTBNZ affiliated clubs) to enter for the series online before the first or second rounds. As another incentive to enter online you will get entry for the 5 race series for the price of 4 individual rounds. Entry for the series will remain open online until 10 pm on the 3rd July.

Every rider in the series will be expected to help out at at least one race. Race set-up, marshalling, mites trail grooming, course marking, tail end charlie and helping pack up at the end of the race are all tasks people can help with so it won’t prevent you racing on the day. You can also have a rep do the task for you. We will be setting up a booking form to register which event and task you want to take on, there will be limited roles at each race for around 20 people.

Race Dates 

 21st June, Scott’s Ferry

5th July, Scott’s Ferry

26th July, Whanganui

30th Aug, cancelled

13th Sept, cancelled

Race Timing 

Junior Race (Junior Rec, U11, U13): Registration 11.00 -12.15 pm | Race Briefing 12:15 pm | Race Start 12:30 pm 

Senior Race (U15 and above): Registration 11.30 -1.15 pm | Race Briefing 1:15 pm | Race Start 1:30 pm


Junior Rec = Beginners

Under 11 = 2010 and after

Under 13 = 2008 – 2009

Under 15 = 2006 – 2007

Under 17 = 2004 – 2005

Under 19 = 2002 – 2003

Senior = 1991 – 2001

Vet 1 = 1981 – 1990

Vet 2 = 1971 – 1980

Vet 3 = 1961 – 1970

Vet 4 = Before 1961

Single Speed = Any Age

Recreation = Any Age 

Note: Grades to be as per CyclingNZ regulations i.e. age at the end of 2020

Riders can change grades during the series, particularly young riders going from Junior Recreation to the U13 courses, but points will not be carried from one grade to another. 


Scott’s Ferry – Turn left onto High St in Bulls. Continue straight ahead onto Parawenui Rd to and then through Scott’s Ferry. The trails and event village are 1 km past Scott’s Ferry.

Foxton – Take Palmer Rd on right between Foxton and Foxton Beach to Cousins Ave. 


1st = 20 points

2nd = 15 points

3rd = 12 points

4th = 10 points

5th = 8 points

6th = 7 points

7th = 6 points

8th = 5 points

9th+ = 4 points

DNF  = 2 points

 Points from 4 out of the 5 rounds will count for the series. 

Series Rules 

The series will generally be run under the rules of the UCI and MTBNZ. Specific rules that apply include: 

All riders must wear a correctly fitting helmet. Repairs and wheel changes can be made at the start/finish area as long as competitors re-enter the 

course where they left it. Bike changes are not permitted. Bikes must be pedal power only, no EBikes. No headphones to be worn while racing. Passing Etiquette; 

  • Please use common sense and courtesy when passing and being passed. We are all sharing the same track with a wide range of speed and skills. 
  • Front rider has right of way but must not impede a faster rider. 
  • Passing rider should call clearly when a passing opportunity arises. 

We are grateful to our sponsor, Central Bicycle Studio