About Us

The Manawatu Mountain Bike Club (MMBC) was founded in 1988. Since that time, the number of mountain bikers in the region has increased dramatically.  Our mission is to provide an environment of fun, friendship and challenge through a wide range of mountain bike activities that suit all abilities. We coordinate the local sporting, recreational and advocacy aspects of mountain biking.

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The club is affiliated to Cycling NZ and MTBNZ and actively supports the NZ TrailFund.

The Club won the Supreme Award at the 2017 Trustpower Palmerston North Community Awards.

Strategic Plan


 To be a group of passionate mountain bikers who encourage, facilitate and promote mountain biking in the Manawatu region.


The club will be governed and managed in a professional way in the best interests of its membership.


The club will organise a broad range of events that cater to the MTB community.


The club will facilitate development opportunities for riders of all levels.


The club will promote the development and maintenance of trail networks and facilities in the wider Manawatu region.

Life members

Tom Bamford

Lynn Carne

Phil Christmas

Sue Christmas

Phil Etheridge

Colin Knight

Ross Murray

Bill Russell

Tresta Russell

Phil Stevens