Thank you to everyone who attended the 2023 Santoft Sizzler. Results are published at


Dates TBC for the 2024 Santoft Sizzler



The Santoft Sizzler 5 Hour Relay will be held on Sunday 6th Aug 2023 at Scott’s Ferry approx 19km from Bulls.

This is a fun event with plenty of spot prizes and awesome trophies for class winners. E-bikers are welcome. 

Coffee available on site

No BBQs or cooking equipment are allowed at this years Santoft Sizzler due to our agreement with the forest management.


The Santoft trails are sand based and provide a great all-weather surface during autumn and winter. The forest creates a micro-climate, which is warmer, sheltered and dry, so don’t worry about the weather. The relay track is at Scott’s Ferry, 19km from Bulls. See how to get there at the bottom of the page. Each lap is around 5km (15-20min) with a few moderate climbing sections, nothing more than 6-8 metres per climb.




    • Solo Men
    • Solo Women
    • Solo E-Bike
    • 2-4 Person Team – Men
    • 2-4 Person Team – Women
    • 2-4 Person Team – Mixed*
    • 2-4 Person Team – E-Bike
    • Family Teams of 3 or more**
    • School Teams of 3 or more ***

    * Mixed teams must have at least one male and one female in each team. 

    ** Family Teams can have from 3 to 6 members. There is no age restriction, but riders should be able to complete the loop within 45 minutes, be confident and able to hold their line when being passed and not be a hazard to adult riders. 

    *** School Teams can have from 3 to 6 members, who must be in Year 7 to Year 10 and all from the same school.  Each team must have an adult manager. Riders should be able to complete the loop within 45 minutes, be confident and able to hold their line when being passed and not be a hazard to adult riders.


    First Aid will be on site. Marshalls will be on the course to look after rider safety. All riders must attend Race Briefing at 9:30am.


Event Times

Registration from 7:30am to 9:15am on the day in the event village to collect team numbers etc. All vehicles in event village by 9:15am – please note that there can only be one car per team this year due to space restrictions caused by logging. Race briefing at 9:30am – all riders to attend. Race Start is 9:45am

Race Details

Race length is 5 hours plus one lap. Race start is at 9:45am. Hooter will sound at 2:45pm and course will be closed at the exit of the village. All riders on track at 2:45pm will complete the lap they are on which will be counted.  Places will be determined from the total number of laps and finishing order.

Electronic Timing will be used and tags are fixed to number plates with velcro.  Each team is given two number plates and one tag, which must be transferred to the next riders number plate.  It is the team’s responsibility to make sure the tag is firmly attached and does not come off during a lap.  Please return tags and number plates at the end of the race.


Due to race village space, only 1 car per team is allowed in the village. Cars in the race village can only leave after the race. There is plenty of parking outside the village.

How To Get There