Other local riding areas

Paneiri Trails

Paneiri Trails have been developed by volunteers over a number of years starting when Allied Concrete owned the site and are largely narrow multi user trails. In combination with the PNCC Ahimate Park development a more machine built loop trail named Pink Panter was added with a great pump line.  These trails are used by the Manawatū​ Mountain Bike Club for rider development so a skills area with 2 lines has been added to teach jumps, bunny hops, balance, drop off and manuals.  Many of the other trails have features useful for learning skills too although the area lacks hills other than the stop bank which is well used during rider development. The trails when ridden as a combo are nearly 7 km long and have lots of sharp turns requiring consistent effort to maintain a constant speed which means they have good exercise/training value.

The wider area extending south via a trail named Link (following Tip Road) includes the Piwakawaka jump and trials park.  And the Loopy trail from Piwakawaka back to the main northern trail area is built on the privately owned Dune Block (everything south of the Maxwells Line limestone track) with the kind permission of the owner.

These trails are soon to be on the Trail Forks App.

Directions: By car, travel along Maxwells Line toward the Manawatū River and then up and just over the stop bank to the outer car park to start the combo loop or Mites track. Or continue down the driveway around the left to the back of the inner car park where the map board and skills area are on your left.

By bike or on foot either branch off the Mangaone Stream path way which joins up with Maxwells Line or continue south on the Manawatu Riverside Path past the He Ara Kotahi pedestrian bridge and Ahimate Park and look for the gravel road on your right to the inner car park.

Piwakawaka Jumps

The dirt jumps at the Awapuni Mountain Bike Park (on Tip Road, Palmerston North) have had a major makeover by the team from Empire of Dirt thanks to PNCC. They have been built as long and low trail jumps, rather than the typical steep and short style. This makes them safe and user-friendly, perfect for learning to jump. They also work with all types of mountain bikes, trail bikes, enduro bikes etc.


Greens Road

Ride out along Turitea Rd behind Palmerston North (elevation approx 40m) past the entrance to the dam (water supply). From here a gravel road gains elevation and turns into undulating singletrack after a km or so. Back out on to 4WD gravel road, which climbs up to a high point of 240m. Continu down to Kahuterawa Rd and either head up to Arapuke or back to Palmerston North.

North Range Road (and wind farm)

A 4WD track connects Pahiatua saddle (accessed by road from Palmerston North) to the eastern end of the Manawatū Gorge via Hall Block Road. Approx 25 km all up, elevation undulates around 500m.