MMBC during the lockdown…



On the surface the club is in a hiatus during the lockdown period with no events taking place until the coast is clear. On the inside, though, the committee is working hard on a number of initiatives that will bear fruit over the medium-long term. These initiatives will build into our long-term strategy of “being a group of passionate mountain bikers who encourage, facilitate and promote mountain biking in the Manawatu region.

Please note that Arapuke is now officially closed by order of PNCC.  Please do not attempt to go out and ride at Arapuke, whether that be via car or riding all the way out there. Please respect this closure – it’s all part of working together to stamp out COVID-19.

While riding during the lockdown is encouraged for fitness (and sanity!), please don’t travel anywhere by car to ride. Keep it local, ride alone or with those from your household, and stick to the 2m physical distancing rule.

Stay well everyone. Normal service will resume as soon as this has passed!

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