Application for Funding/Assistance from the Manawatū Mountain Bike Club

FINAL – MMBC – Financial Support Policy


MMBC has launched a new opportunity to provide financial support to club riders heading to National and International events sanctioned by Cycling New Zealand and/or the UCI or any other elite event or activity that involves competition at a high level. The funding will be drawn from the small surpluses that occasionally accrue from club events and from grants that are aligned with this purpose (membership subs won’t be used). Covid may get in the way of international travel this year, but the fund will remain open to applications into the future to support aspiring riders in the years to come.


Criteria for Applications

  • Applications are to state: 
    • The purpose, dates and location of the approved activity; 
    • Description of the activity; 
    • The number of eligible persons involved (if a team activity); 
    • An outline of the budget, including: 
      • Fees – Such as: Accreditation and entry. 
      • Accommodation. 
      • Travel costs.
      • Sundry costs – Such as: Insurance, coaching, training and maintenance (Not covered in grant) 
  • Evidence of efforts by the individual or team to raise funds including funding from sponsorship, fundraising, individual contributions and grants;
  • The amount of funds requested;
  • The date finance is required;
  • A bank deposit slip or clear copy of bank account number; and
  • An official copy of invitation/letter to the event, or proof of selection, or a reasonable expectation of selection, or to conduct the activity, tour, expedition or race. 

Amount: To be decided by the committee to a max of $5000 (per individual) and $1000 (per support crew)

What we expect: A report on the event written to the committee detailing the event and results.

How to apply: Email a proposal through to the Club secretary, [email protected]

All applications will be reviewed and checked by the Secretary of MMBC to ensure they are completed as required.