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The Manawatū Mountain Manwat Bike Club has built Arapuke Trails to where it is today and relies on memberships to be able to apply and receive grants to further develop at Arapuke Trails. Memberships also allow us to run events like iBike4Kids, winter series, and enduros, as well as our great development courses throughout the year which look at all different aspects of MTBiking. It’s only 67 cents a week for an individual membership.

Membership Details

Our membership year runs from Jan 1st to Dec 31st. Membership is inexpensive with a single person membership $35 per year (Only 67 cents per week) and a Family $60 per year.  Family subscriptions are for parents and children who are active Mtbikers living at the same physical address. Children must be under 18 years of age.
Short-term membership (2 weeks, $10 individual/$20 family) can be purchased at
Schools ($60) membership please email [email protected].
If you join after Oct 1st, your membership will be free for the balance of the current year and will be recorded as payment for the next membership year.
To join the club click on the JOIN button and follow the steps.