Club Champs

2019 Manawatu MTB Club Champs

Sunday 8th December 2019

All of our MMBC members and interested riders are encouraged  to come and ride the 2019 MMBC Club Champs at the Arapuke MTB Park.  There will be races for all grades from Mites to Vet 4, including recreational men’s and women’s grades, with courses to suit.  This year we are utilising the brand new cross country trail Siberian Express as the core of the course for the adult grades.

This is an event for the whole family, from recreational riders keen to ride our fantastic Arapuke trails with other club members to hardened racers.


The Manawatu MTB Club Championships will be held at the Arapuke MTB Park with the base at the car park at the top of Scott’s Road. There is no water supply at the car park so bring plenty of water for the day.


The courses are shown on the attached map and include the following trails.  Start and finish for the Mites, Under 11s and Under 13s are at the carpark at the top of Scott’s Road.  Start/finish for the older grades will be at the Shuttle Drop-off Hub.

The shuttle will be used to transport spectators and supporters up to the start/finish.

Red Course:       Karearea to 1st Road, Yeah Nah, Checkpoint Charlie, Arapuke Rd, Siberian Express

Yellow Course:  Icebreaker, Swamp Monster

Green Course:   Icebreaker to Dam and back to car park.





Junior Rec will be run before the main races so we can get out and support our young riders.

Registration                                  10:30 – 1:00 pm

Junior Rec Briefing                       11:50 pm

Junior Rec Start                            12:00 pm

Main Races Briefing                     1:15 pm

Race Start                                      1:30 pm




Year of Birth

Junior Recreation

Under 13

Under 15

Under 17

Under 19


Vet 1

Vet 2

Vet 3

Vet 4

Single Speed



2007 and after

2005 – 2006

2003 – 2004

2001 – 2002

1990 – 2000

1980 – 1989

1970 – 1979

1960 – 1969

Before 1960

Any Age

Any Age

 Note:    Grades to be as per BikeNZ.  i.e. Age at the end of 2019.


While trophies will only be awarded to club members entry is open to anyone wanting to ride.

 Members of Manawatu/Whanganui MTB Clubs: $5 or $10 per family

  Non Members: $10 or $20 per family


We’ll let you know via Facebook if we have to cancel due to extreme weather.

Clubs Champs Rules

The series will generally be run under the rules of the UCI and MTBNZ. Specific rules that apply include;

* All riders must wear a correctly fitting helmet.

* Repairs and wheel changes can be made at the start/finish area as long as competitors re-enter the course where they left it.

* Bike changes are not permitted.

* No headphones to be worn while racing.

* Passing Etiquette;

* Please use common sense and courtesy when passing and being passed. We are all sharing the same track with a wide range of speed and skills.

* Front rider has right of way but must not impede a faster rider.

* Passing rider should call clearly when a passing opportunity arises.

* When being lapped please move aside for faster riders as soon as possible.